Earth’s Most Stunning Vacation Destinations


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5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

A little over two years ago I had my daughter. I was a first time Mom living on the other side of the country from my sisters, from my mom. I had to do it on my own. I spent 9 months researching what I would need– and boy is there a lot to choose from and a lot one needs. I’ve been told research is one of my special talents and I think I amassed a pretty good list. The ones listed below are 5 that stand after years of use. Many of these I’ve gifted to other new mom’s who have later gushed about it’s usefulness and quality. So here it is, my list to make a new mom’s life easier.


Pigeon Nail Scissors.
There is a reason these nail scissors are rated 5 stars on Amazon.  Short nail blades lend to precision, helping to prevent nicks on tiny fingers. Easy to maneuver. High quality Japanese made carbon stainless steel blades. You’ll want an adult version for yourself. 2 and 1/2 years later we’re still using these.  Many other mothers do concur. ~$11

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Baby Proof: Modern and Functional

I had been looking for a set of baby proofing locks for my daughter’s dresser and her folding closet door. What was on the market was either ugly, would damage my furniture with screws, or simply did not work. After scouring Amazon one day, I stumbled upon these.
IMG_1395 (1)

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How to get Restoration Hardware for 50% off

From Restoration Hardware- not Craigslist. Yes, it is possible.  You just need to be patient.  I bought the Belgian Slopearm slipcovered sofa (pictured below), new, for $1800.  It’s original price tag– $4500.

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Studio Living: How to create a bedroom and living room in one space.

Live in a studio apartment or share a one bedroom with a roommate?  Here are some stylish and affordable ideas to turn your tiny abode into separate functional spaces:

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Traveling at the spur of the moment, having a date night and meandering through the city without a care or thought of what you may imbibe, what time you need to be anywhere, or what tomorrow holds is freedom. What you don’t realize is how truly fleeting those days were as now you’re a parent. How can we maintain portions of that life before? Maybe you feel like you’ve found yourself ensconced in motherhood. Feeding schedules, diapers, baths, sleep training and bed times. Going out and drinking with your friends into the wee hours is not really a part of your former self that you miss, well most of the time anyway! Your more akin to a backpacker trekking over the Himalayan mountain range with the amount of equipment in tow it takes to feed, diaper, and maintain a happy baby or child. Friendships take a back seat.   Those fanciful weekends with your significant other are just a memory… Though we are shorter on time, we are even shorter on energy. If a woman’s soul could be painted she would be Botecelli’s Venus, Artemis, and Mary Poppins.  Translated, we are beauty and love, fierce unrelenting warriors, and a never ending well-spring of energy, happiness, and creativity that mother’s try to aspire to embody.  Those are tricky hats to wear and even trickier to match with one another.  All the while we have jobs whether that’s taking care of children all day at home or going out into the work force.  Many of us are expected to be model homemakers as well.  We could think about the constructs of society that form such a pressured perception, but let’s instead focus on what we can do as women to empower our lives with balance, energy, love, health, and aesthetics with ease.  That’s what I hope my blog can do, and along the way I’ll be learning too.

Instacart: The Good & The Bad

Instacart, a grocery delivery service, has popped up in cities across America. They tout “same day” delivery of groceries from stores in your area brought to you by independent personal shoppers. For my area these include Safeway, Whole Foods, Costco, and Bianchini’s, a small local market. Sounds great, but while there are so many wonderful conveniences and pluses for this up and coming company, there are drawbacks that simply cannot be ignored and have unfortunately led me to parting ways with Instacart. Read more…

DealDash and Penny Auctions


If you want an unbiased review of DealDash and penny auctions, read on.

Unlike the majority of what you read or see online about penny auctions, I am not being bribed by any company and my information is factual not just a mad person spouting off about it being a scam.  I signed up last week for DealDash.  Read below for my synopsis.

First thing to consider: When you see that someone has won an iPad for $30.00 what that really means is that 3000 bids were placed on that item.  Each bid is one “cent”.  Each cent purchased at full price on DealDash is 60 cents. Those 3,000 bids actually equal $1800 for the company.  At the Apple Store an iPad 64 with wi-fi costs 699.00. Read more…